Tailored for Namibian skin

MAKEUP ARTIST: Hanna Nangula at the launch of her cosmetic range. Photo: Michael Kayunde

Catering for the Namibian market, makeup artist Hanna Nangula last weekend introduced her Namibian-made cosmetic range, ‘Hanna Nangula’. The full coverage cream foundation is tailored for the Namibian market; keeping in mind the diversity in skin types and weather conditions. On what motivated her to create her own line of foundation, Hanna Nangula shared that during her long professional makeup career she got to use almost all the brands on the market but there was always something missing specifically, for the African market. She mentioned that the available products were either too light or too dark or overly orangey or yellowish. “Most of them were also only light coverage when clearly the Namibian market was demanding for full coverage foundation.”

She mentioned that the journey began by testing recipes on a wide variety of skin tones on Namibian women. This process, she said took about a year and a few months before final testing and production could start. Her aim is to create Namibian cosmetic products that can compete with the established international brands. At the launch, Hanna Nangula extended an invitation to retailers and individuals who would like to distribute her products in different parts of the country to not hesitate to get into business with her in this regard. “We have different wholesale packages from which you can choose. We also courier countrywide and sell beyond the Namibian borders,” she said.

At the launch she also facilitated a brief workshop demonstrating how to use makeup. The event was attended by aspiring makeup artists and fashion enthusiasts.