Tafadzwa Gurure – the epitome of hustle


When Anais Nin, the French-Cuban-American essayist and novelist famously uttered that ‘good things happen to those who hustle’, it seems she was referring to people like Tafadzwa Gurure.

This Zimbabwean entrepreneur, who is currently plying his trade in Windhoek, Namibia has perfected the art of the hustle.

Taffy, as he is popularly known had a secure job at Capri Refrigerators, a Zimbabwean home appliances manufacturer and distributor. However, his comfy living was turned upside down by the economic meltdown that hit the southern African country from early 2000. 

This led to Zimbabweans leaving the country in their droves in search of a better life across the SADC region and beyond.

Taffy left for Botswana and like many of his fellow countrymen – added up doing any kind of work that he came across in Gaborone. In March 2009, he came to Namibia, where he started selling stuff in the streets of the capital Windhoek.

After the life of struggle as a street vendor, Taffy changed his hustle in 2017. It all started when he began paying attention to television and magazine adverts and promos about best-selling products in the market. 

“I started paying attention to those adverts I see on DStv. Those products they are promoting on television and Youtube videos. That’s where I got the idea about trending products, the products that people are yearning for but cannot access from other countries. So, I started buying those products and resell to my customers”.

Ever since, Taffy has been running a successful enterprise selling multipurpose fitness and home workout products both for men and women such as tummy trimmers, and waist trainers.

He is also selling smart watch bracelets, hair extensions, sportswear and the latest fashion from China. “I have suppliers from China where I buy in bulk and resell. Most of the times I also order from South Africa”.

And so far, Taffy is content with his hustling.

“The response has been quite good especially from customers that want to transition their lives towards a more healthy and fit lifestyle, but cannot afford to go to the gym, or do not have time. Like the tummy trimmers and waist trainers are perfect for those that prefer to exercise at home. I also sell belts to women that just gave birth and others buy the belts to maintain the upright posture”.

Taffy is currently operating in Windhoek.

And his modus operandi is direct selling. “I am currently thinking of branching out to other towns, especially in the northern regions where I get a lot of enquiries. Hopefully, I can find someone I can trust. I am doing free delivery. You pay and buy for what you have seen”.

He is also selling in bulks for those that are also hustling or those are hustling on the side to earn extra money to make the ends meet. “Those that want to buy in bulk can get in touch with me, I have a good price for them”.

Meanwhile, Taffy is proud and thankful that he never gave up the hustle.

“It has changed everything for me indeed.  The fact that the Namibian economy is better than most of the countries in southern Africa, I have managed to plan my tomorrow and that of my family back home.

“I am able to send some foodstuffs and some hard cash back home. I have managed to build a house at my homestead, though I am still doing some final touches. I am also planning on getting a residential stand in any urban area back home. I have also gotten opportunities of meeting with different people and every day I am learning one or two things”.

Taffy can be reached at +264 81 210 8429

Author: Andreas Thomas