SME Spotlight – a digital marketing platform for SMEs in Namibia


Let me welcome you to SME Spotlight, a Namibian-based online platform launched with good intention.

The good intention is to enhance the visibility of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country.

The portal aims to put small businesses and start-ups from all sectors of the economy in the public eye.

On this platform, we publish stories of innovative entrepreneurs, talking about their journey to entrepreneurial success.

The website is a digital space for small enterprises to be easily discovered by customers and established enterprises.

It is a medium that allows small business owners to communicate directly with customers.

At SME Spotlight, we are championing celebratory journalism – by telling good stories of our small enterprises.  

Andreas Thomas | Executive Editor

We are living in the digital age, in which every business whether big or small, need to have an online presence.

Without an online presence, businesses risk losing out on opportunities to attract customers beyond their locale.

Many small enterprises in Namibia are failing to go mainstream because they are yet to fully embrace digital marketing.

This is where SME Spotlight comes in to assist small businesses that cannot afford the cost of building and operating their own websites to also reap the benefits of digital marketing.  

As the brainchild behind SME Spotlight, I am driven by the burning passion to help small business owners grow their enterprises beyond their villages, towns and regions.

I’m out to harness the power of digital marketing to increase the visibility of our SMEs and bring them into the mainstream economy.

The importance of small and medium enterprises in the Namibian economy cannot be disputed.

Small enterprises are the backbone of our struggling economy.

Nonetheless, from my experience as a journalist, most small enterprises remain hidden away from the public eye.

Many continue to rely on a few faithful customers for their survival.

They are failing to attract new customers due to lack of exposure and marketing. 

We have so many small businesses manufacturing essential products and many others offering critical services – yet remain unknown at the national level.

One major limiting factor is that most SMEs are still sceptical about the advantages of digital marketing, not knowing that it is much cheaper and more convenient than traditional marketing like radio and newspaper advertising.

As an entrepreneur and despite how small you are, you can only succeed and grow if you let people know about you.

You need to get the message out about the services and products that your small business has to offer.

SME Spotlight is an inexpensive digital marketing platform for small enterprises in Namibia to market their products and services to a wider customer base.

We are also on a mission to disprove the fallacy that big companies especially retailers are not interested in sourcing local products and services created by SMEs.

I tend to believe that they actually do.

The problem is that those small enterprises are not visible.

In addition, we are living in the digital age – in the age where customers are more empowered than ever before.

Today, customers are using their smartphones to search for products and services from the comforts of their homes and offices.

Therefore, by sharing your story on SME Spotlight, you stand a chance to get discovered by the right people.

Author: Andreas Thomas