Meet Deselie Naris – a serial entrepreneur from Okahandja


Many believe that wearing too many hats might lead to failure. This might be true especially for entrepreneurs that lack the passion and confidence to juggle multiple business ventures.

Deselie Naris is one such entrepreneur that are operating multiple businesses and she is succeeding.

She has founded various business ventures including a secretarial company, a hair product business and a salon, a copy and printing shop and an afterschool consultancy.

In 2013, she started her first business venture – DNN Investment cc that offers various secretarial services including company registrations both for the close corporation, sole proprietor, Section 21 companies, NGOs and foreign companies.

They also help businesses register with the Social Security Commission and the Ministry of Finance.

Retracing her entrepreneurial journey so far, Deselie said “DNN Investments cc was started in 2013 after a friend asked me if I did not know how and where he could register his business.

Coming from a small town these are common questions asked as people don’t really know how to go about registering their businesses.

Since I was always in Windhoek, I offered to get the information for him. And due to the fact that he was always busy, he thus asked that I do the registration for him and offered to pay me for my efforts. And like they say ‘the rest was history’.

He started sending everyone my way that wanted their businesses registered and soon the business started growing and I officially registered it in the year 2016.

I have a number of businesses registered under DNN Investments like cleaning services, catering services, renovations just to mention a few and business consultancy is our main focus currently”.

Deselie is encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to register their businesses with the relevant authorities especially with the Business and Intellectual Property Authority of Namibia (BIPA).

Deselie advises that “Business registration is important for creating a brand name because nowadays it is very important for any business to obtain a brand name. A brand name is a valuable asset of any business so before getting a brand name you have to register your business”.

DNN Investment is not only serving the community of Okahandja, but they cater to clients all over Namibia.

Although the company started by chance, entrepreneurship has always been running through Deselie’s veins.

“I was born and raised in Okahandja and as a young girl, I always liked doing business. I remember in primary school I would always sell sweets and lemons.

I always knew I would be running my own business one day. My Father is a businessman himself and actually pushed me more in that direction. My Dad always stressed the importance of having multiple streams of income. I got the entrepreneurial bug from him,” she said.

“I am a serial entrepreneur. I have another company called Hair by Namene, a hair company that has been growing steadily as a brand name for our beautiful Namibian women since 2017. I am also running a small salon with the same name in the heart of Okahandja.

And when I gave birth to my first child in December 2018, all I could think of was to be around her at that stage, so I started contemplating on various ways of being a stay at home mom whilst still generating a steady income.

So, I opened a copy and printing shop at home and within a week – the little shop was swamped with clients trying to get copies and researching on school projects.

“I found myself helping students with their school projects and other school activities. So last year I got an idea to offer extra classes so that I can help more kids with their homework, school projects and exam preparation. This is how S.A.N Afterschool Care and Extra Classes was born. Next, my plans are to open a daycare”.

Like many small businesses, marketing herself was the biggest challenge that Deselie had to contend with.

“My biggest challenge was getting my business out there and make it visible so that I would get clients from all over the country. I had to read up on how to market and advertise my business. I applied what I learned and I keep learning”.

And her advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs is that “to be successful you need to work hard, with what you have where you are.  And to really succeed in business you have to develop a winning mindset. In this way, no competitor will hinder your success.

And I believe that our biggest and most fierce competitors are ourselves and if one can gain a sense of self-control and self-discipline nothing is impossible”.

Deselie completed her secondary education in 2008 at Okahandja and in 2013, she got a diploma in PC Engineering from the Institute of Information Technology (IIT).

Deselie can be reached at 0813463545 or via email:

Author: Andreas Thomas