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Let’s Work Commercial Group is a new entrant in the training and human development. They are on a mission to assist companies – big and small – to increase productivity not only by recruiting the best talent but also capacitate them with necessary knowledge and skills through training and development. They offer consulting services including organisational training like customer service, sales skills training, finance. They also assist organisations with recruitment and selection; coaching and mentoring; team building; organizational workflow and marketing and branding. One of the company’s managing partner, Popyeni Kaxuxwena speaks about the consultancy into details.

Popyeni Kaxuxwena, Managing Partner

About the company

Our company was started in March 2019 with a focus on training and development. We pride ourselves in improving human capital by providing sorted organisational training needs and demands. We are a logical one-stop choice in providing client services and enthusiasm. Our vision is to be recognised as the leading organisation driving change in human capital and our mission is to make a meaningful impact by enhancing human capability, through training, development and change behaviour process.

Who are your main customers?

Training is a basic need that every employee must receive, thus this makes it easier for us to create a target market for the organisation. Lately, we have been receiving individuals seeking for one-on-one sessions especially in interview skills and also CV preparation. This has become a niche we did not foresee. In a nutshell, our customers are people that want career improvement in their lives.

What’s unique about Let’s Work Commercial Group?

We pride ourselves in seeing success in people to such an extent that we come back after the training and do an analysis as per demand. We are more people focus than the process itself. We provide thought-provoking training. We believe that people are essential to the organisation thus our service opens up the trainee’s minds from acting local yet spread their thoughts by thinking Internationally.

What challenges did you experience when starting the business and how you managed to overcome them?

The biggest challenge for any start-up is always getting your first customer. This is most difficult because you have to prove to prospective customers, that you know what you are doing and you have a record that you did this before. We have experienced a lack of trust from the beginning, just because we are new. Prospective clients wanted to see proof, but once we show them what we can do, they become comfortable and trust the process.  Despite being fairly new, we have thus far trained over 50 people, all from different companies and individual One-On-One sessions. With my personal experience and also the fact that as a previous facilitator in my previous job, I regard myself as a subject matter expert, which makes it easy for me to deliver. As a company, we indulge only in services we have knowledge in.

Please share with us some of the success stories of the company?

Our first client was an organisation whose owner was on the verge of giving up and close the business. He was experiencing all sort of challenges including poorly trained staff.  We managed to transform the staff, help change their attitudes through tailor-made training and development programme. We also assisted the owner to draw up contracts with detailed areas of responsibilities, that all staff members have signed.  We also took them through financial management including how to handle money and budgeting. The owner is now happy and eager to continue with the business. Another case I can think of was someone who kept applying for jobs, yet never get invited to interviews. After attending our session on CV preparation, and interview skills on how to answer questions, she sent us a message on the 11th June that she finally got a job, after two years of disappointment. She applied what she learned from our session.

Key Personnel

Let’s Work Commercial Group is being steered by two partners. Mr Popyeni Kaxuxwena who is responsible for business development and training facilitation. He spent 14 years at DHL Express Namibia starting from being a customer service agent to sales executive then ending up as the commercial manager responsible for managing 10 sales executives across Namibia. Part of his responsibilities as the commercial manager for five-years was to market DHL, train sales executives and facilitated DHL training needs across SADC Countries. The other partner is Mr Brian Sibanda who is responsible for finance and operations has 10 years of experience in finance and administration.

Contact Details

Physical address: 2173 Jacinth Street, Windhoek

Cell: +264 812924244

email is info@letswork-cg.com 

Facebook: letswork commercial group

Twitter handle: LetsworkG

Author: Andreas Thomas