How Gertrude Turned Her Misfortunes into Opportunity


Gertrude Malima is a young entrepreneur who beats personal odds to start a successful cleaning business.

Born in the family of 12 and raised by a single mother in Katutura, Gertrude struggled to find employment after completing high school.

But thanks to her entrepreneur mother who sold at the open market to see them through, this motivated Gertrude to turn her misfortunes into opportunities.

Three years ago, she started out doing laundry for her neighbours for a small fee. Today, she is running a successful cleaning and laundry company.

Dial A Maid Windhoek provide services to both residential and commercial clients. They do office cleaning, housekeeping and laundry. Their services are available daily, weekly, every other week or one-time clean.

“I started Dial A Maid Windhoek three years ago when I was unemployed. Being a young lady with needs and my mother being unemployed and my unfruitful job search, I had to think of a plan to generate a steady income.

As a result, I started doing laundry for my neighbours for a mere 60 dollars. I later started cleaning houses and flats.

I used social media mostly Facebook and through word of mouth to promote my cleaning services and it worked out.

The motivation behind all this is that I couldn’t wait for opportunities to come my way any longer. I felt that if employment does not come to you, why not become self-employed,” Gertrude said about her entrepreneur journey.

Apart from cleaning, Dial A Maid also provide maid services to clients in Windhoek and other parts of the country.  

The company caters for families and individuals looking for housemaids on a fulltime or part-time basis and even on urgent basis.  

“Housemaids are individuals I would call ‘lifesavers’ because we urbanites lead busy lives. Just imagine coming home after a long day at the office and you still have household chores to do. That’s where we can come in to take care of your household and children. Any individual who requires our services can hire a maid – we are basically just a phone call or an email away. Our housemaids are available for full-time employment or contract basis”.

At the moment, Dial A Maid has three fulltime cleaners and 20 ladies for housemaid services in their database. “We also provide yard cleaning and waste management services and that is where four male team members assist us”.

And for your peace of mind, the company conducts thorough backgrounds checks on all the candidates and ensures they do not have criminal records. Successful candidates are put through month-long extensive training in housekeeping and cleaning.

Gertrude can be reached at 0815538484 or email

Author: Andreas Thomas