Bold Creations – An Architect’s Passion for Creative Art


Bold Creations CC is a creative company that began as a dream of Una Ferreira, a black female architect, whose career has been fuelled by opportunities provided to her. 

Driven by a desire to do to others as had been done to her, Ferreira, the founder of Una Stuurmann Architects, teamed up with talented creative artists – Petrus Shiimi and Saima Iita, who shared the same vision – to empower fellow Namibian artists.

“Not everyone has the privilege to study architecture but can still find a way to make a living through their creative work,” said Ferreira, Director of Bold Creations.

‘Reveal Namibia’ – is the mantra at Bold Creations. This, Ferreira emphasised, is to show the world that Namibia got talent and that supporting the local creative industry is vital for growth in the country.

“Namibia has world-class talent,” she declared. The company offers a range of products such as signage and stage backgrounds; art and sculptures; jewellery and ornaments as well as handmade decorative candles.

“Our creativity has no limit and we create an array of artistic works through our two different departments, namely the art and crafts as well as deco design. The arts and crafts department creates art, sculptures, candles, jewellery and corporate gifts. The deco design department is responsible for creating signage; interior and exterior refurbishment and furniture – all handcrafted and locally made.

“We have been in existence since 2008, when we only produced candles and jewellery. By God’s grace, we have now grown step-by-step to what we are today.”

Bold Creations serves a diverse clientele, including big corporations, business owners, institutions, interior designers and individuals that are looking for arts, crafts and candles.

“Our clients look to refurbish their homes or workspaces with artistic flair by commissioning art and murals on their walls while incorporating our designed furniture.”

Bold Creations operates an arts and crafts shop – Bold Arts Café in Windhoek’s Post Street Mall – kiosk No. 5, rented from the municipality. 

“We use the shop to showcase our artworks and those by independent artists. The shop gives the artists an opportunity to reach out to potential customers and sell their art. This is one way in which we work in line with our motto – we also capture the story behind the artwork and shared it via our social media pages.”

Bold Creations does not believe in individualism. This is what makes them unique.

“We consult with and use the products and services of independent contributors in order to create a product or service for a client – even if we can do all the work ourselves. We believe in growing together and teaching this concept to others.

“We also provide training for unemployed youth. For example; one of our employees started out as a gardener and received training in candle production. This happened a few years ago. That employee has now become a skilled chandler and now co-owns the candle department.”

The company markets itself through on social media, word-of-mouth and print media “but most importantly, our work should speak for itself”.

Author: Andreas Thomas